Mobile : 5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone

If your phone can't keep up with your busy life, then you may want to consider an upgrade. Learn about Samsung Upgrade and check out our five signs that it’s time to trade in that phone.

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Not sure if you should upgrade? Here are five signs that it’s time to trade in that old phone:

1. You want to share…everything.

If you find yourself sharing every single thing, from what you ate for lunch to the amazing party you went to last night, then you’ll want a phone that can keep up with and capture everything you do. It should let you update your Facebook status in a flash, share videos and photos, and keep all your contacts and social accounts organized. A camera that takes great pictures is also a must-have feature, like the 8MP camera on the Galaxy S® III or Galaxy Note™ II, so you can not only tell everyone about that delicious sandwich, but you can show them as well.

2. You’re tired of playing Solitaire…by yourself.

If you’ve had enough of playing the same three games that came with your phone, then it’s time to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android 4.1. You’ll have access to a whole new world of games with Google Play, including those you can actually play with friends. You’ll also be able to enjoy all the popular apps that make it easy to search for information, share and access content, and keep your life organized.

3. You want your phone to do what you say…on command.

Ever found yourself talking to your phone, wishing it could understand you and do exactly what you tell it to do? Then it’s probably time for you to get the Galaxy S III. The S Voice™ feature follows your commands and answers your questions, so you can tell your phone to take a photo, send a text message, wake you up, answer a call or even play your favorite song. Your wish is its command.

4. You can’t watch a movie…or even see the people in your photos.

If images look more like computer graphics and video games from the 80s, then you might want to think about getting a phone with a higher resolution and larger screen. The 4.8” screen on the Galaxy S III phone features an HD Super AMOLED™ display so you can see every detail, even in daylight—no need to look for shade or cover the screen with your hand. Plus, with access to all those great apps, you can stream video content and enjoy it right on your phone.

5. You’re tired of searching for a pen and paper…when you run into a rock star.

Maybe running into a rock star isn’t something that happens every day, but wouldn’t it be nice to take a photo with him and have it autographed when you do? The Galaxy Note II with its S Pen™ and 8MP camera is exactly what you need for those memorable moments or even more run-of-the-mill things like jotting down a few notes, sketching a design or writing down an address.

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