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You just got a Samsung Galaxy S® III, and you’re off to college. With such a powerful device in the palm of your hand, wouldn’t it be cool to really know how to use it. Here’s a crash course on how to get the most out of your Galaxy S III.

Group Cast Lets You Share with the Class

Perfect for PowerPoint® presentations, Group Cast is a feature that allows you to share any type of document with other people who have a Galaxy S III or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. When connected to the same Wi-Fi® connection, you and your friends can share the same presentation between phones. Everyone in the Group Cast can see what everyone else is seeing and writing in real time. As you flip through slides, everyone is flipping through the same slides. If you circle a graph for emphasis, everyone sees your circle.

To get started, simply find the presentation that you want to share in your files. Touch and hold the presentation and touch Share via then select Group Cast. Your Galaxy S III will show you an AllShare® Play – Group Cast screen asking you to create a PIN for your Group Cast session. Enter your desired PIN and touch Done. Then tell your friends to open the AllShare Play application on their devices, touch the Menu key and Join Group Cast. The file you’re trying to share should be shown as the name of the Group Cast on their list. Once they select your Group Cast they just enter your PIN and they’re connected.

It’s one of the best ways to share notes since everyone can see what everyone else is writing. If you’re running late to class, you can just join an existing Group Cast presentation so you can see what you missed.

TecTiles Simplify Your World

Samsung TecTiles™ are near field communication (NFC) stickers that you program with the Samsung TecTiles app. They basically tell your phone what to do. By simply holding your phone over the sticker, you can program the TecTile to change settings on your phone, launch applications, check in to places, update social status, or even make phone calls or send text messages automatically. The idea is to program the TecTile to do things on your phone that you do frequently.

Once you create a TecTile, the best thing to do is place the Tile in a convenient place so when you tap your Galaxy S III against the sticker, your phone will automatically do whatever you programmed the sticker to tell it to do. TecTiles simplify your world with a tap of a phone. For example, if you are trying to study at the library, just tap the TecTile you have stuck to your binder that you programmed to silence your phone, and you can get straight to studying with absolutely no hassle.

Apps to Help You Survive College

Mathlab Graphing Calculator

Math Whiz. If you forgot your graphing calculator in your mad dash out the door this morning, you can use the Galaxy S III as a replacement. Just fire up our Mathlab Graphing Calculator app and you’ll have the same capability as your TI-84.

Campus Special

Time for Lunch. It’s the best part of the day, right? Too bad food costs money. Campus Special is an app that gives you the best deals and coupons for places around your college or university. One of its newest features lets you place an order straight from your phone so your food is ready right after class or you can have it delivered.

College Basketball Scoreboard

Sports Break. Let's face it, class can be a little boring sometimes. If you're a basketball fan, you can see how the home team is doing with the College Basketball Scoreboard app. It gives you real-time scores, so maybe if the professor finishes the lecture early, you can make it to the second half.


Music Mix. The last thing you need to learn today is how easy it is for it to be your Galaxy S III to be your on-the-go personal music player. Just plug your Galaxy S III in to your computer using a USB cable and download Samsung’s Kies right on your PC so you can transfer your music on to the Galaxy S III. Who needs an MP3 player anymore? It’s so easy to do. All you do is open Kies. Then you can either copy music directly from your music library onto your Samsung phone. Kies conveniently syncs your life across all of your devices. It is also the best way to get firmware updates for your Galaxy S III to make sure it’s running at its best.

Now that all your school troubles are taken care of, you can go out and have a great night with your friends. Don’t forget to tell them about all these great apps and more you can find on S Suggest™.

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