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After a summer full of pool parties, family vacations, and plenty of ice cream cones, it’s time to get back in the school spirit and leap back into learning. Here are a few great Android™ apps from Google Play™ to ensure that your favorite student makes the honor roll.Math Workout

Math Workout

Students can keep their math skills sharp with the Math Workout app, which provides a set of daily training exercises and math drills designed to keep their brain in tip-top shape. With categories like “I’m Feeling Clever!” and “Times Table Master” they’ll definitely be challenged with a great mental workout—perfect for getting the mind warmed up for that big math exam.

Bright Idea: They can put their skills to the test by taking the Online World Challenge and competing with other players around the world.

StudyBlue Flashcards

StudyBlue Flashcards

When it's time to study for a big test, they’ll want to turn to the StudyBlue Flashcards app. Use text and pictures to create flashcards right on the device, take advantage of the study stats to focus on the toughest material, and contact classmates to ask questions or collaborate. With this app they can study anytime, anywhere and more efficiently, whether they’re eating breakfast, at the library or cramming late at night.

Bright Idea: Use the Search feature to find online flashcards and notes from millions of classmate-created materials.

Miss Spell’s Class

Miss Spell’s Class

They can find out if they really are a master speller with this fun app from Dictionary.com. The Miss Spell’s Class app is an original word game where players must quickly decide whether each of the 20 commonly misspelled words is correct or incorrect. They won’t forget how to spell these words when they’re done with the game.

Bright Idea: With this app they’ll learn how to spell the word and what it means—a definition is provided for every word so they can start incorporating it into their essays, papers and even their tweets.

School Helper

School Helper

Juggling a full schedule of classes can be difficult, but with the School Helper app students can keep all their schoolwork organized. Keep track of homework assignments, grades, class notes and test schedules all in one easy-to-access place. They can even add a widget to their home screen so they can quickly see what needs to get done before dinner.

Bright Idea: Test scores can be recorded in the app so they can calculate what they’ll need for the final exam to get the grade they want in the class.

Learn Spanish with busuu.com

Learn Spanish with busuu.com

Get a little help with Spanish class with the Learn Spanish with busuu.com! app. It offers beginner to advanced intermediate levels, covers 150 different topics used in everyday situations, provides comprehensive audio-visual learning material with photos and recordings by native speakers and so much more. If Spanish isn’t on their class schedule, busuu.com offers apps in a number of other languages.

Bright Idea: Students can sync their profiles on busuu.com to keep track of their learning progress. They can also submit writing exercises and have them corrected by native speakers from the online community.

Which apps do you think are great for learning? Let us know in the comments.

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