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Organizing your smartphone just got easier. Thanks to the resizable widgets and magazine-like layout of Samsung’s Live Panel, you can quickly and easily customize your Galaxy S II home screen—so the information you need is right where you want it.

Live Panel Stretches and Shrinks

Unlike standard Android widgets, Live Panel widgets don’t force you to rearrange your home screen to fit their size. Instead, Live Panel lets you grow or shrink your widgets however you’d like to arrange them, and they look great with a nearly-seamless, magazine-style layout.

Why Live Panel Makes Sense

Your home screen should reflect the way you work—and play. Want a large clock to appear on the screen as you time a meeting or a play rehearsal? You can drop a timepiece on the display and make it as large or as small as you’d like. Keeping a close eye on the weather? With Live Panel you can create a widget that will allow you to see temperatures and other weather information at a glance. Live Panel photo galleries let you page through pictures without having to open an app, and stock market updates can be set to appear within their widget in real time.

Most smartphones make you tap open an app, and wait, to get crucial information, but Live Panel brings that data to the surface offers the information you need at a quick glance. Take the Galaxy S II out of your pocket, and everything you need to know is on a single screen—without launching a single app. What’s more, you can easily change the layout of your screens to fit different parts of your day. One screen can offer information that’s crucial at work, while another can be replaced with information showing you what you need at home, or on the golf course. It’s your choice.

Infinite Customization Options

Because Live Panel is so flexible, you can customize a widget to give you extra information. Keep it small, and you’ll just see the essentials. Make it larger, and you’ll get a rich view more details of the information you need. A small weather widget will show you just the current temperature; but expand that widget and you’ll see the highs and lows for the days ahead.

Running out of room on your screen? No worries. The Samsung Galaxy S II’s extended home screen stretches across multiple pages, giving you access to six additional canvases that can contain additional, customizable widgets. Just swipe left or right to display the additional screens.

How to Customize Your Home Screen

Customizing your phone with Live Panel and the extended home screen is easy. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Open up the widget drawer by tapping the Menu button. Then tap “Add” to see the selection of Live Panel widgets and shortcuts. Or, simply tap and hold on any empty space on your homescreen.
  • Move and arrange icons and widgets by tapping and holding them. If yellow lines appear around the border of a widget, you can resize that Live Panel by grabbing the right corner of the yellow lines. Simply drag the line to make the widget larger or smaller.
  • Related apps can be organized into folders to make them easy to find. To create a folder, tap “Folders” from the “Add” menu. You can even name your “New folder” so it’s easy to remember what’s inside. Then, drag icons into it, and you’re done.
  • Use the “Add to home” menu (touch the Menu key then press Add) to add additional widgets, new folders, wallpapers, or shortcuts to actions, bookmarks, contacts, or settings.
  • Remove items from your home screen by dragging them to the Trash icon that appears at the bottom of your screen. Apps that you remove from the home screen are not deleted from the phone.
  • Wallpaper backgrounds can be selected from your Gallery and set to display on your home screen via the Gallery application.

Screen images simulated. Appearance of device may vary. Some features may not be available in all areas. The above content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Samsung is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content.

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