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The Samsung Galaxy Note™ with S Pen™ allows you to capture, create and share in new ways. This guide offers tips to help you get started so you can take advantage of all its unique features.

S Pen: Freedom to Express Yourself

The preciseness of the S Pen allows for accurate handwriting and drawing, so you have the freedom and flexibility to capture and create. To start using your S Pen, follow these simple steps:

1. Launch S Memo™ Lite: Press the button on the S Pen and double tap any screen.
2. Capture and Annotate: Press the button on the S Pen then press and hold S Pen on any screen. The screen is captured and ready for you to write notes on it.
3. Back Button: Press the button on the S Pen and drag the S Pen to the left. The previous screen will be displayed.
4. Menu Button: Press the button on the S Pen and drag the S Pen up. The menu screen will be displayed.

S Memo: Combine Your Notes and Share Instantly

With S Memo, you can create useful memos that combine notes and images from different sources, including voice memo, video links, URLs, images and even your handwritten notes.

The S Memo Widget allows you to capture your ideas faster and share them instantly. Select the desired input function from the home screen and capture it.

S Note: Capture and Create on the Go

Produce finished products that you can share with friends, colleagues and clients with S Note. This feature lets you express your ideas in great detail, organize your thoughts, and easily manage multiple notebooks. Here’s a look at what you can do with S Note:

1. Start S Note: Click the S Note icon on the home screen or Menu. Click the + icon to make a new note. You can choose from seven easy-to-use templates: Note, Idea Note, Magazine, Recipe, Meeting Note, Diary, Travel.
2. Basic Icons: Easily access Edit/View Mode, Pen Settings, Productivity Tools, Text Settings, Eraser, Undo/Redo, Insert, Record, Favorite icons in the tool bar.

3. Various Pen Settings: Draw in rich detail with various pen settings. Select from four pen types and save frequently used settings. You can also choose from a variety of colors and easily change them with quick settings.
4. Formula Match: When you handwrite a complicated formula you can convert it to text, then select Search to calculate the formula. Just click the Productivity tool and select the Formula Match icon .
5. Handwriting to Text: Click the Productivity tool and select the Handwriting to Text icon . Use arrows to move the cursor in the text box to add/edit text. Handwritten words will automatically be converted to text. Tip: Press and hold the Productivity tool icon to launch the floating tool bar.

6. Shape Match: Visualize ideas better by turning squiggly shapes into neat, organized figures. Click the Productivity tool to choose the Shape Match icon . When you draw the shape, it will be automatically corrected.
7. Knowledge Search: To access this feature, click the Productivity tool and select the Knowledge Search icon . Write the keyword in the S Note and it will automatically change to text. Select the question mark icon and you can find detailed information about the keyword.
8. Text Settings: Take advantage of various text settings to make ordinary text more impactful. Select the text icon for various text setting options, including font, size, style, color and more.

9. Notebook Personalization: To change a notebook cover, press and hold a notebook. Then, select Edit Cover and choose from different covers. To change the notebook background, select Change background and choose from 12 different background images.
10. Bird’s-eye View: View all contents of the notebook at a glance and instantly find and edit necessary information. Press the arrows at the bottom of the page or turn the phone into landscape mode to see a preview.
11. Choose from a Variety of Templates

  • Note: Use this template to keep a record of memorable moments or daily lists. You can handwrite the date or add it by long pressing the top-right corner of the note and choosing the date from the menu.
  • Idea Note: When inspiration strikes, use this template to record and share your ideas. Tip: Select the red Record button at the top to record your sketches as you draw and play it back to see how it was drawn.
  • Meeting Note: This template is perfect for jotting down quick notes during a business meeting then sharing them later. Add the date and time by writing them in or long pressing the fields to select the date and time from the menu. You can also handwrite attendees or add them from your contact list. Tip: View contact information and call or send an SMS to the attendees who have not arrived to the meeting.
  • Magazine: Create a personalized magazine by including various types of media like videos and photos, or use this template to make a personalized greeting card.
  • Diary: Record your personal thoughts or daily goals with this template. It will automatically add the date and you can even add the day’s weather.
  • Recipe: Write down your favorite recipes and add photos of your mouth-watering creations.
  • Travel: Use this template to keep track of the places you’ve traveled or remember vacation memories. Tip: Add your destination by handwriting it or selecting it from a map.

My Story: Share Your Experiences

Create personal stories that can be shared with others. Combine different types of media—handwritten notes, text, photos, videos—into creative, interactive cards or presentations. It’s perfect for sending a birthday message or expressing yourself in a fun way. Simply choose from four different templates—Happy Birthday, Thank You, Letter in a Bottle and Memory—handwrite your personal message, add pictures or videos, then preview your finished card and send it. You can download the My Story app from Samsung Apps.

What’s New in Android™ 4.0

Easily Control Various Tasks

  • Swipe to Close Running Applications: Press and hold the home key to view running applications and switch to them. Swipe right or left to close the application.
  • Swipe to Delete Notifications You’ve Read: Swipe the notifications bar down to view notifications. Swipe right or left to delete the notification once you’ve read it.

Unlock the Device

  • Set up Face Unlock: From Settings, go to Security > Screen Lock > Face Unlock. Smile at the camera and wait until the phone captures your face.
  • Unlock Phone: Unlock the screen simply by looking at the phone.

Quickly and Efficiently Browse

  • Quick Controls: To access one-step gestures of easy browsing, place your finger at the side of the screen and swipe slightly to display the quick controls. To enable this feature go to Browser settings > Labs > Quick Controls.
  • Offline Reading: To save pages to read later while you’re browsing, select Save for offline reading from the menu.

Must-Have Apps for S Pen

From sketching to photo editing to games, there are a variety of apps that are perfect for your Galaxy Note and S Pen. Check out 20 Apps for Your Galaxy Note S Pen for some great app suggestions and to see the S Pen App Challenge winners.

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