Mobile : Host a Football Party with a Galaxy Device

The arrival of football season also means the arrival of another time-honored American tradition: the tailgate party. Here’s how you can use your Samsung Galaxy S® III to make sure everyone has a good time.

Put Together a Party Playlist

Music Hub

Get the party started with some music. Samsung’s new Music Hub™ is a subscription-based music service that enables consumers to access millions of songs streamed straight to your Galaxy S III. It’s all the music you want in one integrated mobile and web service. The great thing about Music Hub is it isn’t like other music services. It’s your music, the whole Music Hub catalog, plus customized recommendations and personal radio tailored specifically to your music taste. With Music Hub, you’ll have songs for everyone’s tastes.

Share Party Photos

Share Shot is an amazing feature built right into your phone’s camera that lets you automatically share photos with other Galaxy S III users. Connect with your friends’ devices at the start of the party so everyone can walk away from the tailgate with all the photos taken with the Galaxy S III smartphones.

Here’s how to use it: When you are in the camera app, change the shooting mode to Share Shot. You’ll be prompted to turn on Wi-Fi Direct™. Once you and all your friends turn on Wi-Fi direct, you’ll be able to see their phones listed. Select multi-connect and choose all the people you want to connect with. Once all the devices are connected, Share Shot is as simple as taking a picture. Your picture will be sent to all your friends and they’ll get a notification that they received a photo. The same thing happens for you when they take a picture. The photo is sent to your phone and you’ll get a message saying you received a photo. You won’t have to worry about sending party photos via email again. That’s the power of the Galaxy S III. Learn more about Share Shot and other great tricks.

Keep the Food Coming


No party is complete without food. If you don’t feel like cooking, use the Grub Hub app to locate restaurants around you where you can order for pickup or delivery. You build your meal and order it right in the app. Your tailgate party will be a hit since you don’t have to worry about running out of food. You can just order more with your Galaxy S III.

Include Everyone


What if you want to share your tailgating experience with people who weren’t able to make it to the party? The perfect app for that is COLOR. It lets you capture and share live video broadcasts and photos instantly with Facebook friends and followers. So when your friends and family aren’t there to witness your two-year-old nephew’s first football experience or that epic game of cornhole, they can still see it in real time as you broadcast it live with your Galaxy S III’s 8-megapixel camera either from within the COLOR app on their smartphone or on your Facebook newsfeed.

Keep Up with Fantasy Football

ESPN Fantasy Football

It’s only possible for you to physically be at one game at a time, but you have players from different teams on your fantasy football roster. Follow their progress with the ESPN Fantasy Football app. You can manage multiple teams and leagues; follow your matchups in real-time; add, drop and trade players; and make last-second lineup changes from your Galaxy S III. Real-time scoring and information lets you know exactly where you stand. And personalized push notifications for injuries and substitutions make your smartphone the only place you need to look for scores.

S Suggest

Discover GrubHub, Color, ESPN Fantasy Football, and other great Android™ apps within S Suggest™ on your Galaxy S III.

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