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Samsung Hub makes it easy to find, sample, and purchase movies, TV shows, books, games, music and educational content* from one user-friendly location on select Samsung devices.

The Entertainment You Want in One Simple and Stunning App

Samsung Hub is a simple solution for navigating the world of digital entertainment options available today. Combining five of Samsung’s content services into a single app, Samsung Hub makes it easy to find, sample and purchase movies, TV shows, books, games, music and educational content from one user-friendly location.


Single Search
Find entertainment in different categories with the ease of a single search. Movies, TV shows, books, games, music and educational content are all within reach and easily accessible at any time.

Elegant Browsing
Samsung Hub features a beautiful interface. Breeze through easy-to-read descriptions using a flip-style search that makes the process of selecting content much easier.

Point to Preview
Not sure if you want to purchase that movie? Get a quick preview before you make a selection. As you browse, hover your finger over an image to discover more information.

Purchase and Play
Samsung Hub integrates your storefront and media player so you never have to leave the app to view the content you purchased. Once you’ve made your choice of entertainment, conveniently purchase and enjoy all from the same app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access Samsung Hub?
A:The Samsung Galaxy S® 4 has Samsung Hub pre-loaded on the device. You can access Samsung Hub in the Applications section, or through the widget. If you are a Media Hub or Music Hub user on the Samsung Galaxy S III or Samsung Galaxy Note® II, you will receive an update the next time you open one of the apps. You can also go to Samsung Apps or Google Play™ to download Samsung Hub.

Q: Do I have to pay to use Samsung Hub?
A: Browsing Samsung Hub is free and there are previews and some free content available. However, to purchase content, you must create a Samsung Account, and add your credit card information. With some mobile carriers, you may be able to charge content purchases to your mobile phone bill.

Q: Where do I find my previously purchased or rented content from Media Hub or Music Hub?
A: Go to Samsung Hub, then click Menu > Purchased on your device to find previously purchased content. Previously rented content outside of the rental window will not be available.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of devices that I can use to access Samsung Hub?
A: There is no limit to the number of devices you can use to browse Samsung Hub. However, a maximum of 5 devices can be used to purchase and play content.

Q: Can I play non-Samsung music through the app?
A: Yes, all DRM-free songs on your SD card will automatically show up. If you do not see them, go to Settings and select "Show SD Card Songs"

*Samsung Learning is coming soon to the U.S.

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