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Be more productive at work, at home and on the go with these helpful tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note® 8.0. Learn how to multitask with Dual Screen View, customize settings, expand memory and more.


Galaxy Note 8.0


Custom Settings

Reading Mode
Reading books and magazines you download, as well as websites and documents, is especially easy with the automatic reading mode. It includes the Smart Stay feature, which keeps the screen awake as long as you're reading.
Reading mode is available only for selected applications.



WatchON lets you take your entertainment wherever you go. Start a movie or TV show on your tablet, and continue to watch it on the big screen. Need to check on something in the kitchen? WatchON lets you pass live TV right to your tablet, so you never miss a second of your favorite show.


Expandable Memory

The Galaxy Note 8.0 has a microSD™ expandable memory slot to accommodate extra storage of videos, photos, music, or other media. The maximum size supported is 64GB.


Multi Window Features

Dual Screen View
Take multitasking to the next level by having two applications open next to one another on the same screen. For example, you can capture images from the internet browser and drag it to the
S Note™ you’re creating in the next window, or watch a video while writing about it in a Word document.

Multi Window Tray
To keep apps handy, the Galaxy Note 8.0 features a Multi Window tray. Launch the Multi Window tray by touching and holding the Back key. The tray will appear on the side of the screen. An icon (>) will alert you that Multi Window Tray is activated. If it is blocking content, you can change the location of the icon by touching and holding the icon, and sliding it to the desired location. You can also change the position of the Multi Window Tray by holding down the

To customize the tray by adding or deleting apps, touch Edit when the tray is launched. You can then drag apps into or out of the tray as desired.

To use Dual View and view two apps at once, select the first app that you would like to use. It will open in full screen. To view the second app in Dual View, select the app from the Multi Window tray and drag it to the screen.

To turn off the Multi Window feature, navigate to Settings and deselect Multi Window.

Popup Browser
Open a browser window without ever leaving an application. The Popup Browser allows you to select a web link in an email or message, and a browser window opens on top of your screen. Move the window anywhere on the screen so you can keep working within your original app, or expand it to full screen.
Popup Browser works only with the Internet browser on your device, not Chrome or other browser options.

Popup Video
When scrolling through your Facebook® or Twitter® feeds, sometimes you’ll want to watch a video someone has posted. Popup Video is perfect for these times, because with it you don’t have to exit your current app to watch the video. You can continue to browse your feeds while the video plays in a separate window.


S Pen

Using Air View in a Browser
To enjoy the robust features of Air View™, you will need to use Samsung’s internet browser. The Google Chrome browser application is also available on the Galaxy Note 8.0, although it does not support Air View.
The Google Chrome browser also does not support Dual View or Cascade View or other S Pen functions.

S Pen Screen
When S Pen is removed from its integrated slot, a menu of S Pen™-related apps will automatically pop up for selection. The S Pen Screen is customizable, so you can select which S Pen applications you want handy. Available apps range from productivity to graphic and include the preloaded S Note. Various third-party apps that use S Pen are also available.

S Pen Screen: S Pen Icon
Perhaps you selected an app from the S Pen Screen after removing S Pen from its integrated slot, but now you’d like to move to a different S Pen related app found in that same toolbar. Even though the toolbar disappeared after you selected the first app, you don’t have to reinsert and remove S Pen to access it again. Simply touch the S Pen icon in the page indicator on the bottom right of the screen to display your Notifications. Touch S Pen has been removed, and the S Pen Screen will reappear for quick access.

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