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Lightweight and portable, the Samsung Galaxy Note™ lets you communicate creatively with the S Pen™ and brings everything to life on its 5.3” HD Super AMOLED™ display. Explore our helpful hints to find out what you can do with your Galaxy Note.

Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Note (T-Mobile)

My Story

My Story

Animated Handwriting in My Story:
When you handwrite a card or letter in My Story, the recipient will see your handwriting played back exactly as you write it, in the order you write it.

My Story Options:
In My Story, you’ll find eight theme templates for creating personalized cards and albums: travel, thank you, love, coffee break, photo album, happy birthday and memory.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office

Let the World Come to You:
With the preloaded Polaris® Office software, you can view, edit and create Microsoft® compatible documents, spreadsheets and presentations. To create a new file, touch Applications > Polaris Office and touch Add (+).

S Memo

S Memo

Adding Audio to an S Memo™:
To add audio to an existing S Memo, touch the memo to open Edit mode. Touch the Microphone. Touch Record to add the audio note.

Printing an S Memo:
Share memos and drawings with friends and coworkers by printing the memo on a Samsung printer. With the memo open, touch Menu > Print and select the desired printer from the list.

Email a Saved S Memo:
Send the charts, notes and drawings you’ve made in S Memo in an email to a colleague, friend, or even to yourself for printing or backup. When in S Memo, touch Menu > Share via and select the S Memo you’d like to share. Click Done and select Email. Then type and send the email as usual.

S Note

S Note

Productivity Tools Floating Toolbar:
It’s simple to switch between the S Note productivity tools with the floating toolbar that can be dragged to any location on the screen. To access the floating toolbar, touch and hold the Productivity Tools button in S Note.

S Pen

S Pen

Handwriting Tips for Messaging:
When using the complete recognition setting (in which the phone detects whole words rather than individual letter strokes), the handwriting box recognizes letters, numbers and certain gestures. When using the Samsung keyboard, touch Applications > Settings > Language and input > Samsung keyboard > Handwriting settings. Then select Recognition Type > Complete recognition. Review the Gesture Guide for a full list of recognized gestures.

Left-Hand S Pen™ Use:
To switch the S Pen™ preference for left-handed use, touch Applications > Settings > Pen Settings. Touch Dominant Hand and select Left handed.

Finding Stored Screen Captures:
After you capture a screen with the special S Pen gesture, you can find your captured screens in Applications > Gallery > Screenshots.

Multilingual Support:
The Samsung Galaxy Note supports German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Korean. When the language is set correctly, the S Pen can recognize words and offer predictive text. Set languages in Applications > Settings > Language and Input.

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