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The Samsung Galaxy Note™ combines an expansive 5.3" HD Super AMOLED display, supreme portability and an innovative S Pen™ to create a new type of smartphone with a variety of capabilities. These useful tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Galaxy Note.

Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note



Multilingual Support:
The Galaxy Note supports German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Korean. When the language is set correctly, the S Pen can recognize words in these languages and offer predictive text in documents and messaging. Set languages in Applications > Settings > Language and Keyboard.



Virtual PC Applications:
Do more when out of the office with virtual PC applications like Always on PC and PowerOffice that let the Galaxy Note run familiar programs like Google Chrome™, Firefox®, Adobe® Reader and much more. Both apps are available in Google Play™.



Creating a New Office Document:
To create a new document, touch Applications > Polaris Office. Touch the Add Document button in the upper left corner and select Document, Sheet or Slide.

Motion Gestures

Motion Gestures

Screen Capture Without the S Pen:
You can screen capture without the S Pen by placing your right hand perpendicular to the right side of the screen (in a karate chop position) and sweeping left. If you are left-handed, you can use your left hand in the same manner, sweeping left to right.



Ready2Go Wizard:
The Ready2Go Wizard helps you set up their device using a computer to configure email, contacts, home screen, wallpaper, ringtones and more. To set up the Samsung Galaxy Note with this simple wizard, touch Applications > AT&T Ready2Go. Follow the onscreen prompts to connect to the device via the computer and set up the phone.

S Memo™

S Memo™

Adding Audio to an S Memo:
To add audio to an existing S Memo, touch the center of the memo to open Edit mode. Touch the arrow in the right top corner of the memo to open the add menu and then touch the Microphone. Touch Record to add the audio note.

Two-Finger Panning:
While in S Memo editing mode, use two fingers to pinch to zoom in or out, and use two fingers to pan across a zoomed image to avoid making unintentional edits.

Printing an S Memo:
Share memos and drawings with friends and co-workers by printing the memo on a Samsung printer. With the memo open, touch Menu > Print and select the desired printer from the list.

Using S Memo Lite:
You can access the "lite" version of S Memo by holding the S Pen button and double-tapping the screen. S Memo Lite is for taking quick notes and doesn't support photos or audio (they can be added later through S Memo), but it can be opened while in any app and is handy for jotting down a phone number or address while on a call or video chat. After saving a note in S Memo Lite, you are immediately returned to the app you were in when the memo was opened.

S Memo Lite is also convenient for taking notes contained in an application. By tapping in the area above the S Memo Lite, you can see the application below it. The app below is visible as long as the S Pen is pressed on the screen above the S Memo Lite app, which prevents you from having to toggle back and forth to create the note.

S Pen™

S Pen™

Handwriting Tips for Messaging:
When using the complete recognition setting (in which the phone detects whole words rather than individual letter strokes), the handwriting box can recognize not only letters and numbers, but certain gestures. For instance, a line drawn through a word deletes it, or a squiggle drawn across a single letter deletes just that letter. To set the handwriting box to complete recognition, from the keyboard or box, touch the Settings wheel > Handwriting Settings > Recognition Type. Also within the Handwriting Settings menu, you can review the Gesture Guide for a full list of recognized gestures.

Left-Hand S Pen Use:
S Pen function defaults to right-hand use mode. To switch the S Pen preference if you're left-handed, touch Applications > Settings > Pen Settings. Touch Dominant Hand and select Left handed.

Switching Between the Keyboard and Handwriting*:
While writing a text message or email, or any other time you are inputting text, you can easily switch from the virtual keyboard to the handwriting recognition box by touching the Writing key (to the right of the period key). To switch from handwriting back to the keyboard, touch the Keyboard key.

Finding Stored Screen Captures:
After you capture a screen with the special S Pen gesture, you can find your captured screens in Applications > Gallery > Screen Capture.

Graffiti™ Pro Handwriting Support:
With a simple Google Play download, longtime stylus users can get the familiar Graffiti™ or Graffiti™ Pro, the handwriting-to-text system popular on PDAs of the past. The Galaxy Note readily supports the Graffiti text entry system with the integrated S Pen for messaging, email, and more.



Split-Screen Support:
You can see more and do more quickly on the large HD Super AMOLED™ display with minimal scrolling and split screen support. The split-screen is available in native apps such as Email, Messaging and IM, Music, and Social Hub. When available, the split screen is enabled by holding the phone horizontally (landscape).

The Notifications Bar:
The Notifications bar at the top of the screen keeps you up to date on missed calls, received messages and voicemails, current and completed downloads, and much more. You can also turn on and off features such as Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, GPS, Airplane Mode, and Screen Rotation from the Notifications bar. To access the bar, touch the top of the screen and sweep down.

Viewing Recently Used Apps:
You can access recently used apps by touching and holding the Home key. Touch an app thumbnail to go to that app, or touch Task Manager to manage open applications.

Voice Commands:
Voice Talk by Vlingo® lets you perform various tasks – such as posting a status to Facebook®, making a call, or composing a message-simply by speaking. Voice Talk is available at Applications > Voice talk and can also be accessed by pressing and holding the Search key and selecting Voice talk.

For more helpful tips and demo videos, Tour the Galaxy Note.

*Only for Samsung Keyboard

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