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For those who love to be adventurous and stay connected, the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro™ features a durable, rugged design and the ability to share quickly and easily with S Beam. Check out these helpful tips and tricks to learn more about what you can do with your device.

Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Rugby Pro (AT&T)



LED Flash:
The rear-facing camera on the Galaxy Rugby Pro features an LED flash that allows you to capture lighted scenes even at night or in low light.



Dual-core Processor:
With the powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor in the Galaxy Rugby Pro, you don’t have to close apps each time you’re finished with them. For example, your email, Facebook®, weather widgets, and more can all run in the background while you’re tending to other tasks.

Online Storage

Online Storage

AT&T Locker:
Store videos, photos and documents in the cloud with 5GB of free storage from AT&T Locker.

Preloaded Apps

Preloaded Apps

Using Kies Air:
Kies Air is a browser-based file-sharing and management system that comes preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro™. To use Kies Air, your mobile device and computer need to be on the same Wi-Fi® access point.

Social Networking:
Facebook and Google+™ apps come preloaded on the Galaxy Rugby Pro so you may connect as soon as you add your account through Settings > Accounts and Sync.

Rugged Durability

Rugged Durability

Locking Backplate:
The rugged body of the Galaxy Rugby Pro features a locking backplate that protects against incidents like body separation and battery loss when the phone is dropped. To open the backplate, simply use a wide flathead screwdriver or a coin to turn the screw counter-clockwise to the unlocked position. You can then pry the plate off using the divot in the panel to the left of the screw.



Customizeable Key:
For quick access to your favorite features and apps, the Galaxy Rugby Pro offers a customizable key on the left side of the phone just above the volume buttons. In Settings, you can assign a function with a single press. Options include Samsung S Voice™, Camera, Gmail™, messaging and more.



Motion Commands:
The Galaxy Rugby Pro offers two different optional motion settings, both of which may be enabled or disabled by going to Settings > Motion and checking/unchecking the checkbox next to each setting. Shake to update means a quick wag of the phone will scan for new devices and network connections, while Turn over to mute/pause means simplyturning the phone face-down will mute incoming calls and pause the sounds of playback from music or video when the screen is on.



Assistive Light:
Adding to its durable, outdoorsy nature, the Galaxy Rugby Pro features an optional Assistive Light widget that can turn the LED flash into a powerful flashlight. To add the widget to a home screen, go to Apps > Widgets. Touch and hold Assistive light, and then place the widget on your desired screen.

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