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With the Galaxy S® III you can easily share photos and video
instantly and connect with your other devices seamlessly.
Our tips and tricks will help you get the most out of this
super-powered smartphone.

Tips and Tricks

Galaxy S III



Capturing Action Shots:
The camera on the Galaxy S III makes it easy to capture action shots with burst camera shot mode. Burst mode allows you to take 20 pictures rapidly, so you’ll never miss that perfect jump or amazing goal.

Using Share Shot:
Share Shot camera mode uses Wi-Fi Direct™ multi-connect, which means you can share photos with multiple users simultaneously. Share Shot can connect with any other device that is Share Shot capable.



Wi-Fi Direct Battery Saving:
To conserve battery usage, Wi-Fi Direct™ prompts you to disconnect after several minutes of inactivity. You can choose to disconnect, or cancel the prompt to remain connected.

LED Indicator

LED Indicator

An LED indicator can alert you to a missed call or message or to incoming notifications, meaning you don’t have to constantly check your phone for new messages. The LED will also light when the device is charging. To enable these functions, touch Settings > LED Indicator.

Media Sharing

Media Sharing

Share Content:
AllShare® Play is perfect for sharing any user-generated content like your vacation videos, the latest song from your garage band, and photos from your family reunion wirelessly on your Samsung Smart TV. You can also remotely access files from your AllShare-enabled home PC or share interactive presentations and photos instantly across multiple Galaxy S III devices with real-time group sharing. DRM content is not supported by AllShare Play. Learn more.

Share Content:
AllShare Group Play lets you share a presentation or photos with nearby Group Play users on the same Wi-Fi® network. Write on a presentation in real time or advance to the next photo—everyone can see what you’re doing on their screen. Scribbles and comments aren’t saved on the presentation, but you can take a screen shot at any time. Learn more.



“Pairing” With S Beam:
When you touch the Galaxy S III back-to-back with another S Beam–enabled device for the first time, it takes about 10 seconds for the phones to make the initial connection. NFC must be enabled on both devices before making the connection. For security, the connection times out after 10 minutes. Learn more.

Smart Gestures

Smart Gestures

Making a Direct Call from a Message:
Reading a message from a friend, but want to respond with a call? When the Direct Call gesture is enabled, you can just lift the phone to your ear while in the message screen.

Muting an Incoming Call:
If the “Turn Over to Mute” gesture is enabled, you can turn the phone over to mute the ringer of an incoming call, alarm, or alert tone.

Taking a Screen Shot:
To take a screen shot, place the edge of your palm against one side of the screen and swipe your hand across the screen to the other side.

Instantly Pausing a Video or Song:
While a video or song is playing, cover the screen with your palm to pause the media.

Enabling the Motion Gestures:
Since you can enable each motion gesture individually, you can customize the Galaxy S III to use only the gestures you want. To enable hand gestures and learn how to use them, go to Settings > Motion. Check the Motion activation box to show the available motion gestures. Touch the name of any gesture to view a tutorial.

Smart Stay

Smart Stay

Enabling Smart Stay:
The Smart Stay feature will use the camera to sense when you are looking at your device and keep the screen from turning off regardless of the screen timeout setting.



Pop Up Play:
Pop Up Play makes multitasking a breeze. Watch your movie or video while checking email or surfing the internet with the draggable picture-in-picture window that works on any screen, even on top of third-party apps. Pop Up Play works only with content that plays in the native video player. Netflix® and YouTube™ are not compatible with Pop Up Play. Learn more.

Enabling Pop Up Play:
To enable Pop Up Play, simply tap the icon on the bottom right side of the screen any time video is playing in the native video player.



A Flashlight When You Need It:
The Assistive Light widget turns your camera flash into a flashlight on demand. Add the widget to your Home screen by going to Apps, selecting the Widgets tab, and touching Assistive Light.

Learn More

Check out our YouTube channel to find out how to use Galaxy S III features such as S Beam, Share Shot, AllShare Play, Smart Gestures, Pop Up Play and more. Watch our videos.

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