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With its responsive, accurate movement, your S Pen™ can do more than you might imagine, providing new ways to capture, create and share. Take advantage of its capabilities by exploring all the great apps for S Pen at Google Play™. You can take notes, sketch, scribble, doodle, sign credit card receipts, play games and more.

Samsung Apps Recommendations

Want to find the best apps for your Galaxy Note? Simply select the "Samsung Apps" app on your device and go to the "S Pen Apps" category. There you'll find fun and useful apps that will help you get the most out of your Galaxy Note and S Pen.

20 Great Apps to Download

American Football Clipboard gives you the clipboard of a pro football coach. Demonstrate plays and strategies, take notes about the team, use your S Pen to move players and the ball, and save an unlimited number of plays into your playbook that you can load quickly from the sidelines.

Amazon Kindle is the perfect way to read books on your phone, whether it’s classics or best-sellers that you love. The large screen is ideal for reading books and the S Pen's enhanced precision makes it easy to highlight text. You can also enjoy newspapers and magazines, too, with high-resolution color images. Customize the experience by selecting your preferred font size, screen brightness and background color. Sync your e-books across devices.

Basketball Coach’s Clipboard is just like a coach’s actual whiteboard, but conveniently on an electronic screen. With this app, you can easily develop your strategies: draw (and save) an unlimited number of plays, then animate them. Move players around on the screen, draw lines with the S Pen, erase lines where needed, and animate the plays. Save and load them onto your playbook.

Basketball Tactics gives you the winning edge. You can see animated basketball play diagrams, learn new skills, and improve your playing style. Whether it’s offense or defense, basic or advanced instruction, you can pick up more than a few good tips with this app.

ChatON supports many platforms and devices, and helps you have better, richer communication with friends. This app offers a variety of fun ways to chat, including group chats, broadcasts, animated messages, pictures and audio. Use the S Pen to color and draw animated messages for your friends.

Deer Hunter Challenge means that it’s always open season. This hunting app takes you to extreme wilderness environments in search of the biggest game around the world. Use the GPS map to train your sights on cougars, moose and more. Choose from customizable weapons such as the bolt rifle, shotgun, crossbow and more.

Flick Golf will leave you hooked on the game. The popular app is now bigger than ever with two new courses, an option to unlock all courses, and all-new medals. Flick, spin and curve your shots while watching out for hazards such as bunkers, trees and sand. Set the course for varying wind effects. Enjoy accurate in-flight spin control and stunning 3D environments.

Fruit Ninja Free offers nonstop action with squishy, splashy, satisfying fruit carnage. Become the ultimate hero of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash. Swipe up across the screen like a true ninja warrior, and choose from three game modes (Classic, Zen or Arcade) in single player, and worldwide leaderboards using Openfeint. A bonus Dojo section includes unlockable blades and backgrounds.

Kids ABC Learn and Trace is both educational and entertaining. Your child can use the S Pen to practice tracing both upper- and lower-case letters, then match a picture to the starting letter (e.g. Apple for “A”).

Make Me Bald does exactly that. Snap a photo, then use your S Pen as a razor to “shave” yourself. You can go bald in seconds and do much more with this funny-face image booth. Make portrait photos bald and add funny moustaches. Import pics from your photo gallery or camera, or from Facebook. Play around with images, then share them with friends. It’s good, silly fun.

NOOK offers more than two million books to choose from, so you can take your library wherever you go. Turn pages with the flick of a finger, or highlight words with the SPen and look them up in a dictionary. Access books, magazines and newspapers from your Galaxy Note, and get a free trial subscription of your favorite publication. There’s even an in-app e-book lending feature.

Posterous Spaces is an easy way to share your artistic creations made on your Galaxy Note, photos, videos and even ideas with family, friends and other groups. You can control whom you share with every time, and post anything within seconds. Make viewing private or public, and you can broadcast posts to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and other websites as much as you’d like.

Sign This Photo lets you take a photo and get that picture signed. Whether you’re bumping into your favorite rock star or author, you can snap a pic and then have them autograph it using the S Pen. Also, if you’re not so good with names, you can use this app for networking: just take someone’s photo when you meet them, and write their name on the pic so you’ll remember it the next day.

Sketchbook Mobile is here to help you unlock and enhance your creativity. This popular, professional-grade painting and drawing application gives you a full set of sketching tools, and a streamlined and intuitive user interface. It’s a great app for drawing pros, and for those who just love to draw for fun.

Sketchinary is an ideal party app. This simple Pictionary (or charades) score keeper and word generator provides more than 500 words to choose from. It’s very easy to use.

Soccer Coach’s Clipboard will help your team score the best moves on the field. With this app, simply use your S Pen to move players across the screen to demonstrate plays. Save your plays into a playbook and load them quickly from the sidelines. Draw and erase lines, choose full or half-field mode, and change animation speed or player and line colors.

Solo is Android’s most popular virtual guitar. This app is good for jamming sessions when you don’t have your guitar with you—or it’s a helpful reference for when you do. Use the S Pen to mimic the use of a pick when playing the guitar. Features include classical, acoustic and electric guitars; a huge chord library with diagrams; the ability to play along to any music loaded on your phone; and much more. Customize the interface to fit your playing style.

Square is a great tool for small-business owners, allowing you to accept credit cards and cash—safely and securely—on your Galaxy Note™ with the free Square Card Reader. Setup is fast and easy. Plus, you’ll get built-in analytics that will help you track sales, collect tips and tax, and send electronic receipts via email or text message.

Tap Tap Revenge lets you shake to the music of hundreds of your favorite artists. Tap the targets on your touch screen to the beat of the music, scoring points for accuracy and timing. Add difficulty levels and engage in live online battlegrounds. You can chat with players around the world, and check out global leaderboards with up-to-the-minute scores.

Where’s My Water? This app provides educational, brain-teasing fun. This challenging physics-based puzzler has vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, an engaging storyline, cute characters and a great soundtrack. Test your skills with multiple levels as you watch out for algae, toxic ooze, triggers and traps—the S Pen will help you carve out a path to keep the alligator under water. You’ll swipe, slosh and splash your way through a variety of exciting scenarios.

Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge Winners

1st Place – Monkey Write * Learn Chinese
The Monkey Write * Learn Chinese app provides a fun, easy way for children and adults to learn how to write Chinese characters. Simply follow the stroke numbers with the S Pen to learn how to write each character. Once you’ve mastered it, you can turn off the stroke numbers and download more workbooks.

2nd Place – Maze Racer
Test your S Pen skills with the Maze Racer app. This maze-inspired game provides a number of different mazes where the goal is to get through them as fast as you can so you can earn stars. The number of stars you earn is based on how quickly you reach the finish.

3rd Place – Drawing Pad
Create a beautiful work of art or keep the kids busy with this easy-to-use art studio. With the Drawing Pad app you can use photo-realistic crayons, markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, stickers, roller pens and more to make your masterpiece, then share it via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Picasa.

Check out more apps from the Galaxy Note S Pen Challenge in the Application Gallery.

Tour the Galaxy Note: Custom Apps

Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012

Samsung is offering $4 million in cash prizes for the top Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab apps. To learn more about the challenge, visit smartappchallenge.com.

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