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Just because your friends use different types of devices doesn’t mean you can’t stay well connected. With ChatON, you can easily communicate with them and make sure nothing gets in the way of your friendship.

Staying in touch with all of your friends, work contacts and family members can be a full-time job. Between texting, emails, updating social media sites and phone calls, getting everyone on the same page can be quite a workout—especially given all of the different devices, operating systems and platforms that are out on the market. Trying to plan something as simple as meeting for brunch can wear you out before you even begin. Luckily, there’s ChatON—a new messaging application that makes keeping up with your social circle faster, easier and more fun.

Download the ChatON app from Google Play™.

Communication Innovation

ChatON is the latest smart-messaging app that gives you a host of innovative ways to stay connected with all your friends and family, regardless of their device or platform. Whether you’re looking to initiate a group chat, share videos, send interactive animation messages or even wage a little friendly competition, ChatON is revolutionizing the way people communicate.

A Simple Idea Whose Time Has Come

ChatON was developed with one mission in mind: to make communicating with friends and family a whole lot easier. As a result, there are a number of features ChatON utilizes to streamline the entire experience of keeping on top of your daily life.

For starters, the phone number-based feature allows you to access your friends easily from your contact list without having to register your buddies separately. Not only does the feature save you time, it’s also the key reason why ChatON works across all devices and platforms.

Here’s a quick look at the many features of ChatON:

Get everyone together in one convenient place. Trying to coordinate plans with multiple friends can give even the most experienced texters a sore thumb. With ChatON, you can avoid the multiple texts by using the group chat feature that gives you the freedom to have a “bigger” conversation with multiple contacts all in one handy place.

Trying to make plans for Saturday night on the town? Don’t send dozens of separate messages when you can easily iron out the details with ChatON’s group chat. Or course, if you prefer to speak privately, ChatON gives you the option of one-on-one communication as well.

Say it with something more than a text. Why communicate with texts alone when you can say it visually? ChatON lets you stay in touch with your friends and family beyond the written word. Send pictures, videos, audio, contacts, calendar and even your location. Even better, ChatON lets you create special animated messages for your friends with your handwritten notes, text, photos, background images and music. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Raise the stakes with a little friendly competition. With ChatON, you can challenge your friends and contacts to see who stays in touch the best. The Buddy Interaction feature shows you which friends you chat with most frequently and makes a game out of your interactions. Points are awarded for the number of messages sent and the top three contacts on your list are given medals displayed next to their names. You can even broadcast your accomplishments to your other contacts when you’ve earned top bragging rights. Who knew staying in touch could be so fun?

Leave a message, short and snappy. Got something on your mind you want to share with a buddy? ChatON makes it easy to express yourself in a flash. Use the Buddies Say feature to leave your message on your buddy's profile page. Be sure to check back to see what they say in return on your profile.

The Trunk gives you quick and easy access to media files. Want to see that cool video one friend sent to another? With ChatON, you can check all the images and media files shared in chat rooms through the multimedia-sharing box called the Trunk. You can leave replies for individual items or share on other SNS sites. If only the trunk in your car was this well-organized!

Seamlessly connect with the most popular mobile phones. Versatility is at the center of ChatON’s appeal. That’s why ChatON supports multiple platforms and devices, including Android, bada and iOS. Additionally, ChatON will be coming soon to Blackberry® OS as well. So regardless of the type of phone your friends and family have, you can easily share the sights and sounds of your life with one easy application.

Time for ChatON

Now that you know what it can do, it’s time to try ChatON for yourself. Click here to download the ChatON from Google Play today. You’ll never communicate with your friends and family the same way again.

Tablets cannot, at this time, communicate with Ice Cream Sandwich devices. A wireless phone number is required for use on WiFi® only devices and connected tablets.

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