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Built to power your entertainment and make your movies, videos and games come alive, the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 10.1 delivers a smart and easy-to-use mobile experience. Learn how to get the most out of your Galaxy Tab 2 with these helpful hints.

Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1



Viewing Recently Used Apps:
To quickly view recently used apps, touch the recently viewed icon in the lower-left corner of the Home screen. This function displays thumbnails of recently opened apps. To navigate to one of these apps, touch its thumbnail. To remove an app from the list, swipe the thumbnail to the right or left.

Taking a Screenshot:
Take a screenshot without having to remember complex key combinations by touching the Screenshot icon in the System Bar. Screenshots are available for viewing in the Gallery.

Set Data Limits:
Worried about exceeding your data limit for the month? The Data Usage Panel lets you set both a data usage warning that alerts you when you’re approaching a limit and a data limit that automatically disables data use when you’ve reached the pre-set limit. To set and adjust these options, go to Settings > More settings > Data Usage.



Making a Video to Share:
The Limit for Email feature helps you record a video that’s the right size for sending in an email. While in the camcorder, touch Recording Mode on the toolbar and choose Limit for Email.



Share Content:
AllShare® Play is perfect for sharing any user-generated content like your vacation videos, the latest song from your garage band, or photos from your family reunion. AllShare Play does not support DRM-protected content.

Smart Remote:
Replace all of your remotes with the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Smart Remote can control your TV, DVR, DVD player and other home-entertainment equipment.



Changing Keyboard Styles
The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 allows you to select between two different keyboards with a touch shortcut. Touch the Keyboard Settings icon (at the bottom of the screen, to the left of the Time Display), and choose between Samsung keyboard and Google Voice typing. While in the Samsung keyboard, pinch two fingers together to choose between three keyboard styles: QWERTY, Floating and Split.



Deleting Home Screen Widgets:
To delete a widget from the Home screen, touch and hold the widget and drag it to the top-right corner. Drop it over the Trash icon.

Opening the Notifications Menu:
Smartphone versions of Android have a pull-down window-shade Notifications Panel. On tablets, Android incorporates this menu into the bottom-right corner of the Home screen on the System Bar. Touch the Time Display to access the Notifications menu, plus Wi-Fi®, GPS, Sound/Mute, Screen rotation, Bluetooth®, Airplane Mode, and more.

Web Browser

Web Browser

Incognito Mode:
You can keep your web searches private with a web-browsing mode called Incognito. When Incognito Mode is enabled in a browser window, any site viewed in that window won’t be stored in the web browser or search history, or leave cookies behind on the device after the window is closed. To turn on Incognito while in the web browser, touch the incognito icon and then choose New Incognito Tab.

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